0x0 Token

0x0 token forms the foundation of our ecosystem, enabling users to harness its distinct utility and unlocking opportunities for passive income.

Token Info

The 0x0 token holds a vital role in the ecosystem, providing a unique use case that allows holders to earn passive income through the redistribution of utility fees generated by the protocol. These fees are distributed entirely to token holders, with the exception of the burn address, which accounts for 10.875% of the total token supply.

To acquire the 0x0 token, it is available for purchase on renowned platforms such as Uniswap and Lbank. However, we highly recommend utilizing Uniswap due to its superior liquidity and decentralized nature, which requires self-custodial wallets like Metamask. This ensures a seamless trading experience while also enabling holders to be eligible for receiving revenue shares.

Please note that holding the 0x0 token on centralized exchanges such as LBank may disqualify you from receiving revenue shares. Therefore, it is advisable to use Uniswap or similar decentralized exchanges to fully benefit from the token's utility and passive income opportunities.

The token incorporates a 5% tax on transfers, serving as a crucial mechanism to sustain the project's financial operations. As the project team does not retain any tokens, this tax is vital in generating revenue to support various initiatives, including the development of utilities, robust marketing campaigns, strategic buyback and burn programs, provision of liquidity to reduce price volatility, and fair compensation for the dedicated full-time efforts of the team.

The 5% fees collected from the tax on transfers are automatically converted to ETH and deposited into the project's marketing wallet, which is located at 0x0000BA9FF5c97f33Bd62c216A56b3D02aE6Ac4Bb. This strategic allocation ensures the availability of necessary financial resources to drive the project forward and accomplish its objectives.

In order to maintain stability and mitigate significant price declines, the team occasionally removes tokens from the contract. This strategic action reduces the scale of auto swaps to ETH, effectively preserving a balanced token price and promoting a healthy market environment.

The 0x0 token's contract is fully renounced, exemplifying the project's commitment to decentralization. This renunciation ensures that developers have no access or ability to alter the contract, enhancing transparency and fostering trust within the community.

It is essential to understand that there are no other tokens within the 0x0 ecosystem. 0x0 represents a unique and compelling long-term investment opportunity, providing investors with the potential for token price appreciation and the additional benefit of receiving passive income from the utility fee revenue.

For further details regarding the contract address and associated Etherscan link, please refer to 0x5a3e6a77ba2f983ec0d371ea3b475f8bc0811ad5. To stay updated on the token's price movements and access the comprehensive chart, please visit Dextools.

Earn Passive Income from 0x0 Token

Unlock the potential for passive income by participating in the revenue-sharing model of 0x0. Holding 0x0 tokens allows you to benefit from the generated revenue within our ecosystem.

Revenue is generated through utility fees, and ecosystem services. A 100% of these revenues is distributed to token holders, providing you with an opportunity to passively earn from the growth and success of the 0x0 ecosystem.

By becoming a part of the 0x0 community, you gain access to a consistent and rewarding passive income stream. Join us on this journey and start capitalizing on the revenue opportunities within the 0x0 ecosystem.

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