A comprehensive privacy solution featuring a variety of AI-based safety tools that redistributes 100% revenue to 0x0 holders.

Our Core Values



Privacy is a foundational core value, emphasizing user data protection and transaction confidentiality. Privacy is prioritized to ensure individuals have full control over their personal information. Cutting-edge privacy technologies and protocols are implemented within the 0x0 ecosystem, enabling secure and private transactions.



Security is paramount to us. A robust environment is maintained to safeguard user assets and information. By employing rigorous security measures and protocols, potential threats and vulnerabilities are mitigated. The focus on security provides users with confidence and trust when engaging in transactions within the platform.



Confidentiality is a fundamental value within the 0x0 ecosystem. The protection of financial transactions and personal information is highly regarded. Advanced encryption and privacy-enhancing technologies are employed to ensure the confidentiality of user data. The commitment to confidentiality fosters trust and peace of mind for users.

Our Suite of AI & Privacy Tools

AI Auditor


An AI smart contract auditor is a tool that uses advanced algorithms to analyze smart contracts and identify potential vulnerabilities or issues that could lead to a scam or other security risk. The auditor uses machine learning techniques to identify patterns and anomalies in the code, flagging potential issues for further review.

Privacy Mixer


A privacy mixer is a tool that can be used to make cryptocurrency transactions more private and anonymous. Also known as a coin mixer or coin tumbler, this tool works by pooling multiple transactions together, mixing them, and then redistributing them to the intended recipients.

Privacy DEX


The privacy DEX aggregator is a tool that allows users to access multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in a single platform, while also providing enhanced privacy and security features. DEXs are decentralized platforms that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized authority, and are known for their high level of security and privacy.

Anti-Rug AI


The AI anti-rug bot is a tool currently in development by 0x0 to help protect users from scams in the DeFi space. It works by using advanced algorithms to analyze transactions and detect suspicious behavior, such as setting a tax too high or removing liquidity. If the bot detects any suspicious behavior, it will automatically frontrun the transaction, preventing users from getting rug pulled.

AI Developer Hub


The AI developer hub is a platform within 0x0 that allows users to deploy their own custom smart contracts written by the in-house AI, without the need for coding knowledge. The platform uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate smart contracts that are safe and secure, reducing the risk of scams and fraud.

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